About us

As an Immigrant outside of Iran I have been always looking for things that remind me of home, things that taste like home, smell like home and things that make me understand where I’m coming from.

My goal is to help people like myself get closer to home. For some it is the taste of their favourite Persian dish,Their childhood boardgame they have memory playing or even reading book recommended by their grandparents. In IrooniBazaar we have it all.

Iroonibazaar is a platform dedicated to everyone who loves the Persian culture, art, food, and people.

We have started our journey on the foundation of conectivity and sharing, art, food, information, and culture. At first, we wanted this platform to be the largest online Persian grocery store, and then ideas kept on adding up, and we said why not?!
We have created this platform is to help the youth outside of Iran to get closer to their culture and heritage.

So this is how it all began, the idea of IrooniBazaar was supposed to be the largest online Persian grocery store. Until one day one of our team members who had recently migrated from Iran posted a story on Instagram stating that we are looking for products from Iran. We have received hundreds of responds! From unique painting portraits from well-known artists to Handcrafted products made by people from the little towns of Iran. Then the whole idea changed, Iroonibazaar now had a bigger goal to fulfill and that was to help the Persians everywhere including Iran showcase their talent and give them the opportunity to sell their products. What you see here is a collection of all those products from all those artists and small business owners. Considering the currency drop we figured this can be a very good solution to have our small share in helping to create jobs for our Persian brothers and sisters all over the world.
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